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【FF14】Answers 歌詞


Answers Susan Calloway

I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer
Release your hands, for your will drags us under
My legs grow tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on if redemption's beyond us?

To all of my children in whom Life flows abundant
To all of my children to whom Death hath passed his judgement
The soul yearns for honor, and the flesh the hereafter
Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after

Shining is the Land's light of justice
Ever flows the Land's well of purpose
Walk free, walk free, walk free, believe...
The Land is alive, so believe...

Suffer [Feel] Promise [Think] Witness [Teach] Reason [Hear]
Follow [Feel] Wander [Think] Stumble [Teach] Listen [Speak]
Honor [Speak] Value [Tell] Whisper [Tell] Mention [Hope]
Ponder [Hope] Warrant [Wish] Cherish [Wish] Welcome [Roam]
Witness [Roam] Listen [Roam] Suffer [Roam] Sanction [Sleep] Weather [Sleep]
Wander [Sleep] Answer [Sleep on]

Now open your eyes while our plight is repeated
Still deaf to our cries, lost in hope we lie defeated
Our souls have been torn, and our bodies forsaken
Bearing sins of the past, for our future is taken

War born of strife, these trials dissuade us not
(Feel what? Learn what?)
Words without sound, these lies betray our thoughts

Mired by a plague of doubt, the Land, she mourns
(See what? Hear what?)
Judgement binds all we hold to a memory of scorn
Tell us why, given Life, we are meant to die, helpless in our cries?

Witness [Feel] Suffer [Think] Borrow [Teach] Reason [Hear]
Follow [Feel] Stumble [Think] Wander [Teach] Listen [Blink]
Whisper [Blink] Shoulder [Blink] Ponder [Blink] Weather [Hear]
Answer [Look] Answer [Think] Answer together

Thy Life is a riddle, to bear rapture and sorrow
To listen, to suffer, to entrust unto tomorrow
In one fleeting moment, from the Land doth life flow
Yet in one fleeting moment, for anew it doth grow
In the same fleeting moment thou must live, die and know

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